The novel “The Corsair” with the story about albanians (arnauts) who fought against Wahhabi. The novel “Al Qursan”, published in 2011 and republished seven times, now comes in albanian along with the story, where events include the albanian Ibrahim Pasha and his fight against Wahhabism.
Abdulaziz Al-Mahmoud mentioned that: “The dough of the novel is real and the characters are real”.

Salih Mehmeti
Pristina, 2nd october  – It’s a world where semi-myth and modernity meet, a lifestyle that was going down and another one that appeared in all its totality. All this clash got slotted within 410 pages on what it is already made the arab world’s bestseller.The debut novel “The Corsair” (on the original “Al Qursan”) unfolds one whole world through extremely realistic narratives skills and dialogues. Abdulaziz Al-Mahmud was educated as an engineer and had served in the Qatar Air Force for many years. For several years, he had been part of Al Jazeera’s board of directors, but it was literature that would give  universal proportions to its creative name. Despite being at the epicenter the infamous Arab robber, Rahmah ibn Jabir al-Jalahimah, in the pages of his novel is also albanian Ibrahim Pasha and his albanian cavalry in Egypt, he had secured de facto independence from the Ottoman Empire…